Looking for a piano teacher in North London?

Whether you would like a structured course of piano study (for exams, auditions or concerts) or to play purely for pleasure, I’m here to help you fulfil your potential and gain maximum enjoyment from your piano playing. The most important ingredient is your enthusiasm!


I normally teach at my home in Highgate, North London, on a wonderfully toned Steinway upright.

Depending on practicality I also teach some students in their own homes. Online lessons are possible with ongoing students.

What level do I need to be?

I take piano students at all levels up to concert standard. If you are tackling advanced repertoire, my experience as a concert pianist will help you project your musical intentions with maximum impact, and overcome the most challenging difficulties. Equally, I’m adept at cultivating the talents of students at all the earlier stages of development. Adults are very welcome.

What is your style of piano teaching?

My own pianistic heritage has a substantial Russian influence (please see the about section of this website), with its emphasis on physical effectiveness and beauty of sound. However, my approach to piano teaching is flexible and imaginative, with my lessons being tailored to the individual student’s needs, aims, personality and aptitude. Although I’m rigorous and meticulous in preparing you for your goals, I’m also patient and encouraging. As long as you are trying your best, the piano lessons will always be friendly and positive.

Teaching ‘what’ and ‘why’ are very important, but teaching ‘how’ is crucial. Showing a student how to practise the piano in the most effective way is one of the greatest gifts a teacher can bestow.

What inspires you as a musician and piano teacher?

As musicians I believe we should always try to locate the emotional essence of every piece we play. After all, music is ultimately about communication. When we succeed as artists we enrich our own lives and those of our listeners, sometimes to a very powerful degree. My aim will always be to inspire you in seeking what lies behind the notes on the page, so that your musical endeavours can genuinely enhance your own and other people’s emotional experience. Of course that capability blossoms as you become more advanced.

What kind of music do you teach?

Although the backbone of my piano teaching is classical music, you can take jazz piano lessons with me as a self-contained subject (please see the jazz section of this website) or we can incorporate some jazz and other popular styles into your standard classical piano lessons.

Other lessons offered: music theory, music appreciation (please see the separate sections on this website).

What are your rates?

£70 per hour, £40 for 30 minutes, £55 for 45 minutes. Durations longer than an hour are possible for advanced students.

For younger children, 30 minutes is normally enough; for other students, 45 minutes or an hour is usually more appropriate. There’s a small extra charge, to cover travel distance and time, if the lessons are in your home.

Please look at the headings on the home page to find the section(s) most appropriate to you. Then please contact me either by email or phone:

ian@ianflint.com Tel: 07917 363376

Please contact me now to find out more about my piano lessons

Photo of the piano teacher Ian Flint
Ian Flint, MMus, GmusRNCM(hons), LTCL

“I had a series of lessons with Ian to help me improve my piano playing to get onto a music course and I can honestly say, he is the best piano teacher I’ve ever had. He is passionate, patient and incredibly knowledgeable and I learnt so much from him in a short space of time. I was impressed also with his amazing playing – I really felt I was learning from a professional and someone to try and emulate. His teaching style is clear and he gave excellent advice on practising. He is also a delightful man and I would wholeheartedly recommend Ian to anyone thinking about piano lessons – I ended up getting a place on my very competitive course – and I’m sure much of that is thanks to him!”

Lucy Reiter