Adult man playing grand piano on stage

Piano Lessons for Adults

Relaxation, stimulation, consolation, inspiration – the list of rewards the piano brings to our lives is almost endless, and perhaps the older we get, the more we appreciate this. Whether you are an adult beginner, or are keen to build on your piano experiences as a child, it will be my pleasure to help you make the most of your piano playing.

Kid learning how to play the piano

Piano Lessons for Children

The social benefits of being able to play an instrument, especially a versatile one like the piano, are self-evident. Your decision to offer your child piano lessons is also likely to boost her or his self-esteem. Moreover, according to some academic research, playing an instrument enhances a child’s ability in school subjects, notably maths and science.

Concert classical pianist with orchestra on stage

Classical Piano Lessons

Advanced students can draw on my own experience on the concert platform for expert coaching in the most complex repertoire. Students at earlier levels gain a very solid foundation in all aspects of piano playing and general musicianship which should last a lifetime. So whatever you are looking for in your classical piano lessons, you have come to the right place!

man playing jazz music with jazz piano

Jazz Piano Lessons

If you are new to the piano, I’ll teach you how to read music and understand basic harmony. Then you’ll learn about the special voicings (the distribution of the notes within a chord) that give jazz chords their seductive flavours. As you develop confidence you’ll take your first steps in improvisation, starting to establish your own individuality as a jazz pianist.

Piano with classical sheet music for music appreciation

Music Appreciation Lessons

Maybe you already enjoy certain works by a particular composer, and would like to know what else to explore. Maybe you would like to understand why one performance seems more moving than another. Maybe you would just like to know more about how music is put together. This is your chance!

Piano book for music theory

Music Theory Lessons

Music theory could be seen as the musical equivalent of grammar, but it doesn’t need to be dull and dry! In fact many people find that the deeper understanding of music they gain by studying the underlying theory is energising and liberating.

Ian Flint is an exceptional pianist whose comprehensive knowledge and acute musical perception make him a truly inspiring teacher and coach.

Ronan O’Hora -Head of Keyboard, Guildhall School of Music and Drama